Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools!

Yes, it's that time of year again already!  What does Google have in store for us?  First a couple summaries:

From The Next Web:
"Round Up: All of Google’s jokes for April Fools 2013"

From Search Engine Watch:
"Google April Fools' Pranks 2013: YouTube Closing, Google Nose, Gmail Blue & More!"

The YouTube contest is ending very soon (winner to be announced in 2023).  Get your video in soon!  Love the cameos from various contestants!  From YouTube:

"YouTube's ready to select a winner"

The comments (at least when I viewed this very early in the morning, 2a) were PRICELESS.  Can you believe that some people actually believed this???

  • Amber Bodling
    not funny i was going to get pissed if u deleted my vids ALL MY DAMN VIDS WOULD BE DELETED thats alot of shit to re upload
  • Tom Holmes
    I bet the probability is pretty high that the winning video will have at least one cat in it.
  • SkeletonSarge
    i almost got fooled but only because it's not even April Fools yet it's still March 31st
  • Djinnihilation
    0:41 - 0:43 Isn't that the "We gone find you" guys whose sister almost got raped ? :O
  • Timathor
    I bet that this is april fools
  • sabrina joseph
    You scared the sh't out of me YouTube! Don't do that!
  • bieber shine
    what??? o_O

  • Google Maps Treasure Mode  (not sure how this will look on your computer)
    Be sure to zoom in and see what Street View looks like (if you have your spyglass).

    From Google Maps:
    "Explore Treasure Mode with Google Maps"

    Google Nose
    From Google:
    "Introducing Google Nose"

    Looks like the Autocompleter dude (remember him?) got a promotion!   :)

    From the Official Gmail Blog:
    "GMail Blue"