Saturday, May 1, 2010

Focus or Fail - saying no to great ideas

This is a thought provoking article, with some interesting points about Apple and Microsoft:

And some great discussion about Google. Just what is Google's mission, its brand?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is a very effective advertisement.

Banning guns eliminates violence. Right?

Case study: Chicago

Life Before Google: A Short Story

The REAL story of the missing iPhone prototype!

Okay, there has been a lot of speculation about the iPhone prototype that was lost in a bar and subsequently found by a technology website. Well, here's the real story:

Monday, April 26, 2010

NASCAR and Its Minions

So I happened to be driving from Atlanta to North Carolina during the middle of the night (roughly 10p-3a) last night. Much of the trip was on I-85 between Atlanta and Charlotte. I figured that there would be little traffic at this time of night. I was wrong.

While traffic was flowing smoothly most of the time, it was quite crowded at times. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that most of the traffic fell into three categories: 1) large enclosed vehicle transporters and other similar trucks; 2) large RVs, almost all towing vehicles; and 3) pickup trucks, most very large and customized. Several RVs towed enclosed trailers. One towed a pickup truck (mixing two categories above) that had a golf cart in its bed.

Yes, it didn't take a brain surgeon to see that this was traffic coming from Talledega. The NASCAR stickers and racing-related information also gave it away.

So, no surprise that there was Talladega traffic on the road. But it was shocking to see just how much there was. And to see the expensive vehicles of NASCAR fans. Apparently this NASCAR thing is pretty popular!

Credit Cards and Small Town Stores

Did you ever take a trip and forget your wallet? And have to buy gas at 1:30a without a credit card or driver's license? (I did know my credit card number, though, and have a picture ID from work.) IT'S NOT EASY!

Third place I tried let me pay without the physical card, as if I was ordering something over the phone. Big chains wouldn't do it.

May the Sav-Way in Pelzer, SC and its employees receive all the good karma they richly deserve.