Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Song of the Day: Borns - Electric Love

I love it when my daughters suggest music to me.  Here is one such song:

BORNS | "Electric Love"

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Irrational Attachments, Motorcycle Edition

Sometimes you find interesting articles in the most unlikely places.  Consider this, from the Aerostitch website.

"Our Irrational Attachments"

I can identify with this.  I have my '94 Honda VFR, which I bought on Tuesday, May 24, 1994.  My Integra, which I bought on Friday, June 30, 1995.  And my Suzuki SV, which I bought on Friday, July 2, 2004.  (For the record, I had to look up the day of the week for the Integra and the SV--but not the VFR which I remember most clearly.)  All three vehicles are still going strong (knock on wood!) and are, in some ways, better than new (new, upgraded suspension along the way on all three, for example).

No plans to sell the VFR anytime soon, nor the SV or Integra.  Why?  They work great?  Sometimes I think about a new motorcycle, but every time I do I go for a ride on my old bikes and have so much fun I can't imagine needing a new one ... for a time.  :)

It's not just cars.  An example: My Braun electric razor, which I bought around 1996, give or take, was not working so well lately.  Buy a new one?  Why?  No functional problems, just old batteries.  I ordered new batteries, took the razor apart, cut out the batteries (they were not meant to be replaced), installed the new batteries with cold silver solder/conductive epoxy.  Works fine!

And then there is my old Aerostitch suit.  I've had that for longer than I've owned the VFR.  Crashed in it twice.  Considered getting a new one, but thought why?  Old suit is just fine, patch it up, good to go.  I completely agree with the end of the article:
We work everyday here to update and improve Aerostich products, but this is not always enough to trigger a replacement purchase from someone with well-worn Aerostich gear. You would hardly believe what we sometimes receive for refurbishment these days. Beloved beat-up old riding gear that’s been long used and cared for. Stuff that remains both comfortable and protective, and a well-experienced rider’s faithful tool…A faithful and silent witness to years of motorcycling experiences.

“But the newest Aerostich gear is WAY better.” We say.

“Bah, just do the best you can to fix up this one..” They reply.

And so we usually do.
Here's a picture of me with my suit on the trusty VFR from 2003!

And some pictures of the minor crash damage after crashing at Carolina Motorsports Park during a track day (on the SV) in 2005 or 2006 (I think).  Suit held up extremely well for sliding down the pavement at about 50 mph or so..
Right Butt

Right Elbow

Right Hip

Right Shoulder

You can probably guess which side I crashed on after all this.  ;)   Suit now is as good as new (practically, except for a pocket zipper that doesn't work), still wear it regularly.

Let me close with this, one of my favorite pictures of my daughters.  This is them with some Aerostitch jackets on, at Aerostitch in Duluth, Minnesota.  I love this picture (from 2011), brings a smile to my face every time I see it.  I love my daughters.