Monday, December 12, 2011

Hit and Run, Police Don't Care

Here's a fascinating story, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

"Injured hit-and-run pedestrian finds assailant, wants officers disciplined"

A woman was a victim of a hit and run, and the cops did ... nothing. Nothing at all. Another sad story, you say? Not at all. This woman did a GREAT job investigating the case herself.

This woman was able to solve the case herself. And she is (rightly) pissed that the cops don't care.

One element of the story that makes me wonder is this: Did the people on the scene cooperate with the police? Did they talk to Harris-Brown and not to the police? If so, maybe you can understand their reluctance to follow up on this case. I still don't buy this excuse, however. A good cop knows his beat and is able to build up trust and work with all the people he/she interacts with. That's my opinion, anyway, because that's what I do in my job.

I hope those cops are fired. Remember, regardless of whether witnesses cooperated with them or not, they didn't even file a police report. They didn't take pictures. They didn't follow up once Harris-Brown told them the perpetrator's name. That's enough for me.

NWA was right, if you catch my drift.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Android: A visual history

As an owner of a number of Android phones, I loved this article from The Verge. I've been on the Android bandwagon from the beginning. This article was a fun walk down memory lane, and a great way to see how Android has evolved over time. Things we take for granted now didn't always exist (software keyboard, multiple GMail account support, and many other things).

"Android: A visual history" by Chris Ziegler

The article specifically mentions six Android devices:
- HTC G1
- Motorola Droid
- HTC Nexus One
- Samsung Nexus S
- Motorola Xoom (tablet)
- Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have had three of the six mentioned above (G1, Nexus One, Nexus S), and still might pick up the Galaxy Nexus. Of all my phones, I think that the HTC Nexus One was the most ahead of its time when released. Many people I work with still use one as their primary phone two years after its release, even though they could get a newer phone. I still love mine, and have picked up others for family.