Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life in the Cloud (If You're a VERY Unlucky Person)

Love this little tutorial about working "in the cloud" with Chromebooks.
"Chrome Book" posted by AppsCare

Don't be sad.  Although there were 25 computers (according to the note at the end of the video) harmed in the making of that video, it appeared to me that they were only CR-48s.  That was the very first generation Chromebook, several generations old at this point, very poor compared to what you can get now.

I'm such a shill ... but I DO love Chromebooks.  I have had, at one point, a CR-48, three Samsung Series 5s (no longer sold, as far as I know), one Samsung (like the $249 version in the link above), and a Chromebook Pixel.  Just like the multiple Android phones you, my seven readers, know that I have.