Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's okay, you can keep reading my blog

Look, I know that there are only seven of you (estimated) who read this blog. I know I need all the viewers I can get. So I wanted you to know that it's okay to spend extra time on the Internet. Don't feel as though you can't spend more time online, that by staying online longer just to read my blog you're somehow doing something wrong. New research shows that time spent online can increase our happiness!

From the New York Times: "Yes, It’s True: The Internet Makes You Happier"

"There are those who believe that too much time spent on the Internet makes people less social and causes them to lose touch with the real world, but a new British study released today found that access to the Internet and the web, and especially to social networks such as Facebook, can improve people’s levels of happiness. The study found that Internet access improves the overall well-being of lower-income users, those with less education and women — particularly those in developing countries — by giving them a sense of freedom and control over their lives."

So now it's official: Reading my blog will make you more happy! You're welcome, it's no trouble, I'm here to help.

Oh, now that we've cleared up the misconception that spending time on the Internet is bad for you, and that as long as you're online you might as well be reading my blog ... for crying out loud, click on some of the ads so I can make some money on the side!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Would you pay to (legally) drive faster?

Here is an article that poses an interesting question. Would you pay to legally drive faster?

From Jalopnik: "Candidate Proposes 90 MPH 'Speed Passes' Worth The Name"

So I'll make this short and sweet. My answer? Um, yes! Duh! Where do I sign up?

Okay, enough with the silliness. There is a serious underlying issue here. If this is allowed, or even if people are willing to seriously discuss it, doesn't it show that speed limits are NOT all about safety? That they are primarily for revenue generation? Of course it's about money, and this story shows that quite clearly.

I would add one more thing. I've ridden my VFR in Nevada, on the very road shown in the picture at the top of the article (U.S. Highway 50, "The Loneliest Road in America"). I rode it twice, both to and from California when I rode cross country. I can honestly say that I'd be comfortable going a LOT faster than 90 mph on that road. How do I know? Well, let's just say I'm not going to incriminate myself right here on this blog. ;)

Yes, there is a double standard

Did you ever wonder whether government employees see themselves as different, dare I say better, than the rest of us? That the rules that apply to us don't apply to them?

Check out this article from the Los Angeles Times:
"41 Obama White House aides owe the IRS $831,000 in back taxes -- and they're not alone"

These are the people governing us? People who think they're above the law? This makes me sick.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The difference between iPhone and Android

Just in case you weren't clear on the difference between the iPhone and Android phones, here is a helpful comic to clear it up:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One Small Victory Over Oppressive Government

Well, we got some news recently about a victory over tyrannical government. Recall the motorcyclist in Maryland who had been accused of illegally videotaping a traffic stop by an off-duty cop? Even though he taped a public servant in a public place, where there is absolutely no expectation of privacy?

Well, the motorcyclist won his case on the "wiretapping" issue; those charges have been dropped. He still faces charges for alleged traffic violations that led to the encounter with the nutjob cop, however.

I find it fascinating and disturbing that he was charged under a wiretapping statute. What kind of prosecutor brings charges like this? For that matter, what kind of cop pulls a loaded gun before identifying himself as a police officer when there is no threat of deadly force?

I mean, it's great that the "wiretapping" charges have been dropped. But make no mistake: Our government is out of control. Will the cop be sanctioned for excessive use of force? Will the prosecutor be sanctioned for bringing such an utterly frivolous case to court?

I had previously posted about this case here:

Here is some good commentary from the Cato Institute about this issue (from before the Maryland case was resolved):

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Champions! Hockey Time, 2010!

Last night we played the championship game in the Over-35 League that I play in. We (Hockey Time) were fortunate enough to get the win, 3-2, over WTF. Great game. I'm so proud to play with these guys (Steve was missing from the picture).

The game was very even, with a very fast pace for our Over-35 League. Both teams wanted to win and we both came out skating hard. Even so, we were scoreless for quite a while. We were very evenly matched.

WTF had beaten us twice during our two meetings in the regular season, 2-0 and 2-1. They just had our number. They usually came out fast and grabbed the lead early, and even if we turned the tide it was too little too late. Interestingly, we beat the other top team in the league, Team Choad (eliminated by WTF in the playoffs), three times. But none of that matters once you get to the playoffs.

We got the first goal, on a beautiful tip by Eddie, who, as a converted defenseman moved up to forward, led our team in scoring this year. He had the magic stick. The rest of us defenseman joked that we could have moved any of us up and whoever moved up would have led the team in scoring! Which is not true, of course, but it's fun for us to say.

Anyway, Eddie got two goals for us today, which was huge. He had the touch. He could have had three. At one point we sprung Eddie for a breakaway with a nice pass. He went in all alone on the goalie and ... shot the puck right into his right pad. Eddie came back to the bench we were all saying stuff like "nice try" and "you'll get the next one." I thought it was a little too much so, to lighten up the mood, I said, "Fuck you, Ed! You should have scored!" Ed laughed out loud. Hey, it's just the way guys talk.

Ed added a blind back-handed shot later, and Steve came off the bench, grabbed a loose puck, and fired it home (much like Mike Eruzione did against the Soviets in 1980) to put us up 3-0. Still, that was deceiving. We were playing well, but not 3 goals better. They kept playing hard.

WTF cut the score to 3-2, with both goals coming on face-offs to the left of our goalie in our zone. They were very good on those face-offs. On one play they got the puck to their defenseman who fired a shot. I deflected it, but it went right to one of their guys. When he shot it, Buco almost blocked it and then it barely got past Mike, our goalie. We had so many chances to stop it, but didn't.

On their second goal, I (as the right defenseman) sealed off their left wing (who likes to go hard to the net) and kept an eye on their center, but their right wing came all the way across the rink, screened by the traffic in front, and sprung free to get a shot and scored. WTF really did a nice job on those face-offs all night, I have to admit, and it paid off for them twice.

I feel bad about being on the ice when we gave up both of our goals. But that's the way it goes sometimes.

This win was particularly sweet for our goalie, Mike. In this league they re-draft every session to keep the teams as evenly matched as possible. Mike was on WTF for many seasons but it worked out that we got him this year. He really wanted to beat his old team and we could tell it bugged him that we lost to them twice in the regular season. Revenge is sweet, however, and this win came at a great time.

Playing a night game like this (9:15p) is tough because often we eat dinner then go to the game. But that means you're playing on a full stomach. So before a game like this I usually skip dinner. My job sometimes makes this difficult, however, because they serve dinner at our site. This is the dinner I skipped to stay lean and mean for the game:


​Sweet Potato Andouille Soup [allergen:milk]
onion, celery, garlic, jalapeno, andouille sausage, sweet potato, chicken stock, thyme, brown sugar, molasses, cream


​Baked Lobster Tails [allergen:alcohol][allergen:milk][allergen:shellfish]
lobster, butter, white wine
​Beef Tenderloin Grilled with Red Wine Demi [allergen:alcohol]
garlic, evoo
​**Moroccan Style Vegetable Stew with Harissa Yogurt Sauce [allergen:alcohol]
greek yogurt, red chili paste, olive oil, garlic, carrot, turnip, scallions, parsley, mint, paprika, cumin, coriander, white wine, chick peas, spinach, lemon juice


​**Roasted Spaghetti Squash
olive oil, spaghetti squash
​*Corn Pudding [allergen:milk][allergen:wheat]
corn, cheddar cheese, cream, flour
​Snow Peas, Sugar Snaps, Green Bean Medley
snow peas, sugar snap peas, green beans, red peppers, evoo

I don't feel bad for skipping this dinner, however. As Wayne said, "the taste of cold beer and hot wings coupled with a victory,,, is waaaay better."

Finally, a picture with the cup and me (and my daughter, Crably, sneaking into the picture).