Friday, January 24, 2014

I know why GMail went down

Did you experience the great GMail outage of 2014?  Will you someday tell your grandkids where you were during this traumatic time?

From TechCrunch:
"Gmail And Google+ Go Down Across The World, Service Returns After Roughly 50 Minutes"

I've posted some of my favorite tweets from just after the outage ended below.  So why did GMail go down?  Read Amanda Carpenter's tweet...

Social Media Insider ‏@SocialMedia411 34m
    Mercifully, the devastating 10-minute Gmail outage of 2014 is over. Carry on.

Amanda Carpenter ‏@amandacarpenter 35m
    I know why gmail went down. Obama must have promised we could keep it. #onmessage

Mktplace Tech ‏@MarketplaceTech 35m
    One day we will tell our children where we were during the great gmail outage of '14

Danielle Ivory ‏@danielle_ivory 35m
    Raise your hand if you resorted to cannibalism during the Gmail crash.

shonda rhimes ‏@shondarhimes 35m
    Currently rocking back and forth on my office sofa, trying to cope with the loss of my ability to email. Don't do me like this, Gmail.

kelly oxford ‏@kellyoxford 56m

Kathleen Schmidt ‏@Bookgirl96 1h
    The 5 people who still have AOL email accounts are laughing at all of us now. #gmail

Chase Mitchell ‏@ChaseMit 1h
    Did Justin Bieber just crash his car into Gmail?

Aura Bogado ‏@aurabogado 1h
    All I want to know is whether the NSA has saved a draft of the Gmail I was working on. I sure could use it.