Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You Shall Not Pass!

Love this video!  Poor dogs.  Cats suck.   :(

You Shall Not Pass, Dog

By the way...
People see videos like this and think that a cat could actually take a dog in a fight.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, some dogs are afraid of cats.  Yes, some dogs don't want to get scratched.  But in a fight, take the dog.  I have known a number of dogs who are NOT intimidated by cats.  In fact, I saw one of my childhood dogs kill a cat rather easily.

Another time, I saw another of my childhood dogs, one of my dad's dogs, attempt to eat a cat--until I stepped in and stopped him.  In that case the dog went in after a cat who was hiding under a bench against a wall.  The cat must have scratched him because he pulled back out.  Then he said this: "Wait a minute, I don't care if I get scratched. Actually, I don't care if the cat gouges my eye out.  I am eating that cat."  He dove in under the bench and went after the cat.  The cat scrambled up the wall behind the bench onto a window sill.  At which time the dog (Numnuts was his name, by the way) simply reached over, grabbed the midsection cat in his mouth, leaned his head back to get the cat back into his jaws, and was about to cut the cat in half.  Fortunately I pushed Numnuts' skin into his jaw to prevent him from biting down, thus freeing the cat.

The story does have a happy ending.  The cat was very friendly, not aloof like some cats are, and even killed a mouse in his brief week-long stay at my dad's house (someone had abandoned her there, on my dad's porch).  Numnuts kept trying to eat the cat all week; he was very confused as to why he was not allowed to eat her.  I brought the cat to my mother's house, where she lived the rest of her 15+ years.