Monday, July 11, 2011

I agree with Marco!

Finally some common sense from a politician. I've been impressed with Marco Rubio for some time now. Check out this video and see if you don't agree. From YouTube:
"Senator Rubio Talks Budget & Debt On Senate Floor" uploaded by SenatorMarcoRubio on Jun 30, 2011

Rubio packs a lot into this short speech. Class warfare, jealousy really, is no way to run a country. That is not the kind of country we want, at least I don't.

Government has a right to tax for legitimate services provided. But that is not what is being proposed here. This administration wants to take money from some people just because they have it. Not because government is providing more services to those people. That is the basis of socialism. "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." When looking up this quote I saw that Karl Marx also said, "Democracy is the road to socialism." I hope he is not right, but it certainly appears that he might be.

Note also that they focus on INCOME when they speak of taxation, not WEALTH. Again, the left is guilty of class warfare. People who have made their money get to keep it (the very wealthy shield their estates from the death tax, of course, though many legal means). But those trying to work their way up bear the tax burden.

Okay, back to the speech. Why is Obama so fixated on corporate jets all of a sudden? Obama himself approved of the corporate jet tax break as part of his bogus stimulus plan. Now he wants to take that away? Does he have any coherent idea of what he's doing? What was the "stimulus" good for anyway?

And if he were serious about collecting more tax money in this fashion, why can't the White House be bothered to even put a number on it, as Rubio points out?

As Rubio says (and he's not alone), government doesn't create any jobs. None. The best thing that government can do is get the hell out of the way. Higher taxes and increased regulation do not create jobs, they stifle job growth. This administration has been in charge since January 20, 2009. That's two and a half years. They said we needed stimulus to reduce unemployment, then promptly wasted the money.

It didn't work. It's not working (unemployment rate above 9% as I write this, and don't forget that that is not an accurate measure of true unemployment as it does not count those who have given up looking nor does it include those who are "underemployed"). And anyone with any knowledge of economics new (and predicted) that it wouldn't work. Yet they want to do more of the same. Because they literally don't know better.

Incidentally, the Democrats had majorities in the House and Senate last year, even after the fall election in the lame duck session. Why didn't they pass tax increases then? Why? Think about it: They didn't have the votes. Not even a majority of Democrats think that raising taxes is the right solution.

Obama is in over his head. He doesn't know how to solve this problem. So he flies HIS corporate jet (Air Force One) to campaign stops. He golfs. And he proposes the same old tax and spend policies that Democrats have always proposed. That's all he knows.