Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Where the Internet Lives, Atlanta Edition - Part 2

More press coverage at the site where I work.  This was a week or two ago.  I saw the cameras but I couldn't stick around to get on camera because I had a flight to catch (to Dublin--yes, life is tough).

Biz Journals (Atlanta Business Chronicle Article)

Douglas County Sentinel

WSB-TV (ABC Affiliate)
Teaser -
Story - UPDATED - From the WSBTV website...

11-Alive (NBC Affiliate)- Yes...grainy cell phone video...sorry, not on their website yet.  :-)
Teaser #1 -
Teaser #2 -
Story -

Atlanta Journal and Constitution

11-Alive story via WoodTV (NBC Affiliate)- Grand Rapids, MI

News 10 Net - Sarcramento, CA