Friday, May 24, 2013

Cuba's Not-So-Worldwide Web

Ah, the wonders of socialism.  Really great for the little people.

From Tech President:
"The View From Inside Cuba's Not-So-Worldwide Web" by Anne Nelson

The really sad part of this article is what I saw in the comments at the end.  People still looking to blame the U.S.  Pathetic.  People can't see evil when it's right in front of their faces, only 90 miles from our shore.  How would anything the U.S. does explain the oppressive censorship or the fact that Cubans can't get into tourist hotels to use the internet if they want to?

On the bright side, it sounds like the Cuban people aren't fooled by the U.S., either.  "The young Cubans I met were desperate for YouTube, but dismissive of Radio and TV Marti, the U.S. government-funded services based in Miami: 'It’s just propaganda, and we get enough of that around here.'"  Amen to that.