Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Stray Dogs, Smarter than Urban Planners?

Love this story, from ABC News:
"Stray Dogs Master Complex Moscow Subway System" by Alex Marquardt, Bill Blakemore, and Ross Eichenholz 

I love the fact that dogs are able to master this aspect of life in a big city.  Good for them!

But there's more.

Did you catch how they have a statue dedicated to a stray in Mendeleyevskaya station?  "It commemorates Malchik, a stray who lived there until he was stabbed by a fashion model in 2002 who didn't like how Malchik barked at her terrier." Looks like fashion models and terriers are the same all over the world.

I also love how even dogs are smarter than politicians and urban planners who want to pack everybody into high density housing.  It's not for everybody, or even for every dog!

Kind of reminds me of our immigration policy, too...