Monday, May 27, 2013

Road Trip, Anyone?

This is kind of a creampuff article, as all articles are in USA Weekend.  What can I say, I get this inside a free local paper and it has a good Sudoku so I read it. 

From USA Weekend:
"USA's 5 best road trips"

Apologies to you, my seven readers*, if this blog post is not up to my normal standards.  I confess, I'm only posting it here so I can easily find this article if I want to read it again, for some road trip ideas, particularly when I'm out west.

I've ridden the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway (but not Newfound Gap Road and Skyline Drive).  And I've driven a good chunk of U.S. 2 (North Dakato, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan--I used to live a couple miles from it, in Upper Michigan).  Both very nice drives.  I suspect the other drives are very nice, too.

* estimated