Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Internet Boom Continues

Interesting post from Data Center Knowledge:
"Google’s Infrastructure Boom Continues: Expansion Ahead in Oregon" by Rich Miller

"Google is not done with its extraordinary data center building boom."

"The news comes on the heels of a string of data center expansion announcements in 2013, in which Google has committed to pump $2 billion into expansions of existing data center campuses."

"As this construction spending begins to enter the pipeline, Google’s capital expenses on servers and data centers has soared past $1 billion per quarter."

"Google’s 2013 building boom represents the largest investment in data center infrastructure in the history of the Internet, eclipsing the company’s initial burst of projects in 2007."

Ah, so that explains why I'm going slowly insane.  At least now I know.   :)