Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Maybe this blog should be on Google Plus?

Apologies for being a cheerleader (again).  But articles like this give me some hope.

Consider this blog post by Wojdylo Finance:
"Why Google Plus Will Dominate Facebook Version 2.1" by Jesse Wojdylo

The author makes some interesting points.  Chief among them are these:
Over the last several weeks I have been stuck on this quote, “Having the ability to express yourself in words will take you anywhere you want to go.”  I have heard different variations of said quote but it has never been more true in my life than now.
The Google way is to help its users!
As an example, see if you can spot the difference between Google and Facebook in the tweet below.  Hint: It's not very difficult.


I have personally been contacted by over a dozen Google employees asking me for my expertise.  Yes, Google employees are asking me for my expertise.  A wise (wo)man once said, “surround yourself with the smartest people to achieve the most lofty goals.”  Google is a company that realizes their employees do not know everything.  Is Jesse Wojdylo a social media “expert?”  Hardly.  I will say that I do know a thing or two about promotion on the Internet.  I have built strong relationships with Google employees and other brilliant minds.  When you get us all together almost anything can happen.  This is where I think Google Plus is different.

Google Plus will dominate Facebook because they want to help their users.
Did I hear that Google+ is now the second largest social network in the world?  If you want a life changing experience that will help you connect with some of the most brilliant minds alive today I think you know where to find them.  I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the best decisions of my life was to “get active” on Google Plus.  I cannot express in words how strongly I have fallen in love with this group of people.  I have Google to thank.  I have never laughed, cried and/or enjoyed life as much as I do now.  That’s a Plus!

Not sure if all the above is true and consistent for users of Google Plus.  But it sure looks like Google Plus is making solid progress.  What am I still doing on Blogger, anyway?