Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ron Paul Rally

Over the weekend I went to a Ron Paul Rally in Marietta, Georgia. No, Ron Paul was not there. But a lot of crazy people (including me) were.

I loved this sign, because it's totally true:

I also loved the plane flying overhead with the Ron Paul banner:

Unfortunately, there were two basic problems with the rally.

1. There was a lot of "preaching to the choir" at the rally. But not much effort, not enough anyway, to convince people on the fence to see the light. The message is tailored to those already on the bus, and not to those who might be sympathetic to Ron Paul's beliefs (for example, those who may feel betrayed by Bush's third term with respect to unnecessary warfare and the crushing of civil rights).

2. There appears to be a vicious circle here that is hurting Ron Paul's cause. The media simply ignores him and treats him as a fringe candidate, regardless of where the poll numbers stand. Then the freaks, the single-issue people, seem to gravitate to Paul even more. Which makes the media further marginalize Paul. And so on. Let me see if I can put this in terms you can understand: I'm sick of going to rallies like this and seeing a large group of people there who appear to be driven completely by the desire to legalize marijuana. That is not the central part of Paul's message. Guys, this doesn't help the cause!

Finally, some humor. I saw this bumper sticker on one of the cars, just had to share it. Good advice for all of us, really.