Saturday, February 6, 2016

John Scott: All-Star

Not sure if you follow the NHL or if you care.  But just recently John Scott was voted into the NHL All-Star Game as something of a joke.  Fans mounted a huge campaign to get this guy into the All-Star Game, something he didn't deserve based on his playing skills or statistics.  Hey, let's get a goon in the game, they thought.  Just for fun.

Well, check this article out.  See if this doesn't shatter some misconceptions about the guy.

"A Guy Like Me | The Players' Tribune"

Love this part:
I thought I was done. But, yet again, somehow things just worked out, and I got another chance a few weeks later. Against the Detroit Red Wings, of all teams. I hopped over the boards for my first shift, and I’m out against Pavel Datsyuk and Nick Lidstrom.

That’s a holy shit moment for ya. That’s a long way from the GM cubicle.

Looks like Scott had the last laugh.  Check out these stories.

From NPR:
I love the part about his daughters.

From SBNation (published before the All-Star Game):
"At some point, the joke morphed into something else: appreciation."

From CBS Sports: