Monday, August 11, 2014

Song of the Day: Shivaree - Mexican Boyfriend

Here's another Shivaree song, just because it's hot.  And sad.  We've all been there, loved and lost.  This song captures the emotion so well.

"Shivaree - Mexican Boyfriend"

Lyrics, from A-Z Lyrics:

"Mexican Boyfriend"

I wore the dress that you liked almost everyday
Boxed up all my baby dolls and gave them away
I wrote your name on the wall next to my bed
Any day that I saw you at all was circled in red

What they said was a man drifted over the line
Drove you away and a little girl out of her mind
And the rain fell down and washed off your face
Washed you away, left carnations and stone in your place

My first cigarette and my first pill
My first cup of coffee and my first chill
Now you'll never know my first kiss
Somebody else will
Cause you were the first one I saw
Holding that still

There were some non-English lyrics in the song.  Spanish starting at about 2:12.  More information here:

From FranciscoParsley:
In the song "mexican boyfriend" she sings in Spanish at minute 2:12 - 2:27

"Yo me besaba la mano imaginando que eras tu"... which translates to "i would kiss my (own) hand imagining it was you"