Thursday, January 9, 2014

How Far Microsoft Has Fallen

Can you believe how far Microsoft has fallen?  Check these videos out:

This first video is a joke.  It is even more staged and phone than the Pawn Stars show itself, if that's possible.  From Tech-Hub:

"Microsoft's latest Scroogled ad: Chromebook's 'a brick'"

The comments after the video NAIL IT!  People are not fooled.  A sample:

Micro$oft keep trying... Bitch. Hehehe.
Wow it seems #Microsoft are getting desperate. I'm seeing more of these #scroogled ads and it's just embarrassing.
Why don't they know Reno is well over 100 MORE miles away from Las Vegas than Hollywood?
I use a Chromebook from TWO YEARS ago - (I'm posting this with it). In two years it has ALWAYS booted up in less than 15 seconds, never had a virus, never  annoyed me with necessary security updates that popped up and prevented me from getting my work done, never forced me to download an update from ORACLE weekly,(Java) that keeps trying to sneak bloatware onto it, and trick me into using Bing.
To the crap ads points:
1. My Chromebook does not have the over priced locked down piece of crap bloat called "Office" - instead it uses "Docs" which beats the snot out of the 1980's software Microsoft loves to push. This does not make it less than a "real" computer - it simply makes it more usable.
2. No computer is worth very much without the web - that's what a computer is today - a portal INTO the web. For most users a computer without the web is about as useful as my 1983 Texas Instruments TI99 4A
3. Google allows you to use continually improving - arguably worlds best software and services - all in exchange for getting to know you so that they can sell ads. They have been one of the only companies that has a pretty stellar record when it comes to the fight for internet freedom - on this issue frankly Microsoft has been a DISGRACE.
Microsoft - I'm so sorry - you cannot buy, sue, and lie yourself out of your own mismanagement and sub par products. You have continually stayed behind the times. You were at one time a power house - today you are a manufacture of a fairly nice video game console - that's all.
Gullible young lady looking to trade a ticket to Hollywood... I know where this is going...

And these older videos are even worse.  Bear in mind, Google appears to be taking these videos down so you might have to search for a new version.

"Googlighting - Office Productivity Wars"
Search for "Googlighting" if this video doesn't work.

"Gmail Man - Your email is your business. Google makes it theirs."
Search for "GMail Man" if this video doesn't work.

Remember when Microsoft had a vision (a PC on every desk) and a purpose, when it was actually innovating?  Well, you might not.  But I'm older than you.   :)   Microsoft is attacking Google in these ads (in an extremely duplicitous fashion) because they don't have a vision and they don't remember that you have to meet actual customer needs to succeed, even if you move to a new paradigm to do it--not just keep doing what you did last year and the year before that and the year before that.