Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More Left Wing Totalitarian Bias in the Press

This kind of thing always amazes me.  Always.  I rarely watch this show, but I was flipping channels this past weekend and came across David Gregory on Meet The Press.  Another flaming liberal without the ability for any coherent thought.

Video transcript here (you need to click on the right video clip):
"Roundtable: Should intelligence community reduce tactics?"

There is so much misguided material here.   First let's look at the official transcript:
"Dec. 22: Chuck Schumer, Tom Coburn, Christine Lagarde, Patrick Leahy, Peter King, James Inhofe, Ana Navarro, Robert Gibbs, E.J. Dionne, David Brooks"

Here is the quote that really showed how stupid Gregory is:
"Well and I-- I mentioned my sister-in-law, so I should mention her sister who is my wife who is in law enforcement who you know well, said the fact that it is so broad, that this bulk collection is so broad, is what makes it safer. Because the government is not concerned about who is looking at what website. They are really just collecting data to be able to protect the country."

Looks like someone needs to re-read some George Orwell books.  This is what passes for serious political "thought" nowadays?  My, how we have given away our freedom!  THIS is how we get a totalitarian government, folks.  The fact that it is so broad is what makes it SAFER?????  Talk about double-speak, redefining terms to mean their opposite.  Amazing.