Monday, November 4, 2013

Mitt Romney Was, And Still Is, A Loser

I just happened to watch some political shows yesterday morning.  I saw Mitt Romney being interviewed on Meet The Press.  I was reminded once again about what a loser he was, and still is.  He is a poster child for why people like me don't trust the Republican establishment.

From NBC "News":
"Romney: Obama's 'dishonesty' on health care puts second term in peril"

Listen to this line, which didn't even make the written summary of the interview.  Watch the video, then click "Return to this video" to get the longer (16:40) version of the interview.  Skip to 9:13 of the video to hear Romney's response to the question about what he would have done with respect to health care if he had been elected president.
" own plan was to say to each state you've got a requirement to move to a point where all your people are insured, and where you cover pre-existing conditions.  We're going to give you flexibility from the federal government level to help you be able to do so."

Is that a real alternative to the Democrats?  No, it is NOT.

Remember, even if you agree with Romney on this, you have to realize that this grows the power of the Federal Government.  Any such actions only set a precedent that the Federal Government can dictate behavior to the States.  Which is simply not a power our founders gave to the Federal Government.  That power can, and will, be used by people with very different political beliefs.  If you agree with Romney on this point you do not believe in the limited government our founders gave us, and you have given the left all the tools they need to turn this into a socialist country.  Thanks.  Thanks a lot.

I was also amused to hear the latest Democrat talking points regarding Obama's oft-repeated lie: "If you like your current plan, you can keep it."  Of course they knew at the time that many (most?) plans would be illegal once Obamacare kicked in.  If, that is, the employers didn't figure out that the incentives of Obamacare would push them to eliminate their plans.

Anyway, the latest talking points regarding Obama's lies on this subject were as follows: Obama's lies were not lies.  If you bought a car in the past you'd be allowed to keep it, but if you bought a new car that car would have to meet new safety regulations.

What an ignorant comparison.  Healthcare is not a physical asset, something that you can keep once you buy it.  Rather, the car is more analogous to your human body.  Healthcare is a service, and is more analogous to the gas or maintenance you need to keep your car running.  You bought a car, and were promised that if you liked the gas (or oil or maintenance) you liked would still be available--right before they outlawed it.

Weak, very weak.  But I'm sure the left-wing media will eat it up and repeat the lies.

In Romney's defense, he did point out that if Obama had been honest about this, that people would lose their plans, Obamacare would have been much less likely to pass.