Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Blast from the Past, or Future?

Co-worker sent this picture the other day, with this message:
"..saw this coming in to work this morning.  (this is a delorean if you can't tell)"

If you're not laughing right now, well, you're probably not as old as I am!  I used to take it for granted that everyone would "get" a reference like this but, sadly, that's no longer the case.  I date myself regularly now with movie references like this.

Speaking of which...

*Tangent alert*

I named a project at work "Field of Dreams."  Kind of a "build it and they will come" kind of thing.  Long story.  Anyway, I was showing a very young co-worker around and showed him this part of our building.  I said this is the Field of Dreams area.  Co-worker gave me a blank stare.  You know, like the movie, I said.  Build it and they will come and so forth.  Still, blank stare.  He had never heard of the movie.  Later, back in my office, I looked up the movie and asked him his age.  Turns out the move came out BEFORE HE WAS BORN!  Wow, did I feel old.  I later accused this same co-worker of joining our company merely to be able to drink at our company events--since he was probably too young to drink at a bar!

*end tangent*

If you don't know what a DeLorean is, see the links below.  I actually saw one in person, at a movie theater in Ironwood, Michigan of all places.  That was a long time ago...

DeLorean Motor Company (born again?)

DeLorean DMC-12 (the only model DeLorean ever produced)

DeLorean Motor Company

John DeLorean

Wait, what?  You're still wondering why that license plate on the DeLorean is funny?  You need to check out the movie Back to the Future.  And check out this final link:

DeLorean time machine