Wednesday, August 21, 2013

40% of the Internet?

Did you hear about the Google outage last Friday?  There are lots of links, lots of stories, but I'd like to focus on one aspect of the story.

From Forbes:
"Analyzing Friday's Google Outage"

The aspect I'd like to focus on?  This:

When Google went down, worldwide internet traffic dropped by 40%.  40%!!!

Again, from Forbes:
"Fascinating Number: Google Is Now 40% Of The Internet"

From the article:
Actually, there are two impressive and fascinating numbers here. The first is that Google does seem to be, in all its manifestations and forms, 40% of all internet traffic. The other is that while going down in its entirety wasn’t a particularly great advertisement for the firm, bringing it all back up in only 11 minutes was a great advertisement for them. After all, screw ups and mistakes happen it’s how quickly and effectively one cleans up afterwards that is the real test.
40%?!?!  Wow.