Sunday, July 21, 2013

More Leftist Hypocrisy

This is particularly embarrassing to me, because this is where I'm from (just across the border in Michigan).  Note that the people protesting this mining operation don't have a single word to say as the Indians continue to ACTUALLY pollute the water (see previous blog post, Bad River).

From the MacIver Institute:
"Protesters Verbally Assault Northern Wisconsin Miners (Warning: Graphic Language)"

Note: This is in IRON COUNTY, Wisconsin.  There is a long history of iron mining in the area, with no negative impact on the water.  The locals up there want the good mining jobs, union jobs by the way, that this new mining operation will bring.

Which brings up another point: When will union members realize that Democrats to NOT support more good jobs?  They are apparently even more beholden to crazy left-wing environmental nutjobs than they are to corrupt union scum.

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