Friday, March 1, 2013

Way too many cars, need bigger garage soon!

No, not me, unfortunately.  But there's this guy I know...

Okay, I don't really know him well.  I've been in meetings with him.  He's my boss' boss' boss' boss.  Way above my head.

Looks like he bought another Ferrari last year.  From Ferrari Life:
"The Auction for Emilia - or how I came to own a 599XX EVO"


A co-worker pointed out that Ben has a LOT of nice cars.  I've seen his McLaren MP4-12C at work, in California.  Yes, his daily driver, apparently.  Yes, even VPs have to get to work somehow.  Pictures here:

Apparently (see thread below) he later got a custom plate for the car:
The instigating begins -- the McLaren has the license plate "I8A 4RRE" on its way  My wife promises retribution.
MP4 frame:
"I Love Ferraris
They Taste Like Chicken"

458 frame:
The Other White Meat"

We're just that kind of couple 

He is also active on various automotive forums.  Recently one of the posters on one such forum apparently didn't believe that he really owned all these cars.  Which led to this, as described by Jalopnik:
"Google Exec Proves His Identity On Car Forum In Most Hilarious Way Possible"

Looks like it started with this thread, on
"Two more excellent reasons to hate Treynor"
See, this is the danger of marrying a woman who is also a car enthusiast. Between the two of you, there's no longer any check and balance. The results can be... dramatic.
Notice Ben's signature on the forum.  Go ahead, click the links.  :)
Way too many cars, need bigger garage soon!

And the comments:
Someday I would love to walk into a dealership and "Accidentally" buy a Ferrari lol
My god man! An impulse buy? Did you have to cook at home a couple times this week to afford it lol? Very cool congrats!

We were wondering why he posted on an SVT forum.  According to Ben:
Originally Posted by daydark View Post
Why do you post on this forum? I'm sincerely curious. My impression is that you don't own a mustang. I'm not saying you must have a mustang to post here, but there are many other forums more suited to your "stable" than this one.
Fair question. Three reasons:

1. My first car was a '87 5.0 Mustang, and they've always had a special place in my heart.
2. I've been reading and posting here for about a decade, I know several of the people (including L.L.) who are here, and I like the ambiance.
3. This Thread keeps bringing me back 

A hint of what was to come:
Originally Posted by SVT F15O View Post
Maybe I am taking it the wrong way but this just seems like a really shitty post. 

I personally love his posts and wish more well off people were like Ben. A VERY wealthy person that shares the same interests as I do is pretty damn neat in my opinion. I find myself daydreaming what-if scenarios all the times. I'd be a little upset if he stopped posting here. Posts like yours don't make the site seem very welcoming. 

That's one of the great things about this site, we have all walks of life here. 

I think one of the best threads ever was where Treynor was called out for using a point and shoot camera to take pics of his 458. He responded not with words, but with a pic from a $60k+ camera 
It was not lost on the members of the forum that he took the later pictures with a camera worth more than most people's cars!

And the challenge:
Originally Posted by treynor View Post
I collect them all in my .sig, which I keep fairly up to date. I figured I'd make this thread the "charting the changes" log. But PM me if you've got a different request and I'll see what I can do; I'm trying to thread the needle between "here's pictures of cool stuff for a group which loves cars" and "here's my shameless brag thread full of expensive toys".
Speaking of requests, I don't think you're real. I request a picture of your new 12C Spyder with a piece of bread on the hood.

Naturally, Ben obliged:
LOL. Let me find a really cheap camera to use for the pic :-)

Another poster chimed in on the challenge:
I was on an offroad forum where some dude was fraudin. Posted all these badass race trucks, toy haulers etc... turned out it was one of the biggest copy/paste scams in all of the internets. 

Bread on the hood or gtfo
Ben replied:
All will soon be revealed. With Bread.
See pictures here:

And here:

How did we ever live without the Internet?  :)