Monday, March 11, 2013

More Police Scum

I'm not sure why police work seems to attract a certain kind of asshole, the kind of person who delights in exerting authority over others.  So I can't explain the following videos, won't even try.

In the first video, the motorcycle rider isn't showing the best judgment in his riding (land positioning, for instance).  Nonetheless, this cop is an asshole.  You know damn well that if the positions were reversed the cop would still find the other guy at fault.

Random Riders - Cop Rear Ends Motorcycle

"I can write you a shitload of tickets."
Cop just runs into a motorcycle right in front of him and intimidates the motorcyclist rather than take responsibility.

These next to videos show an asshole cop on a running/biking/walking/skating path.  First the initial incident then an update on the case.

Stupid Cop doesn't know what he's giving me a ticket for. Pretty damn funny.

Stupid Cop Ticket and the First Court Appearance. Caught Up in the System

So the cop parks his bike on the trail, blocking almost half of it, then gives someone a ticket for going around him.  And while giving the ticket numerous other people do the exact same thing.  Dude, get your fucking motorcycle off of the path!  And why is it okay for some people to go around the parked bike but not others?  The cop has no idea what he's doing.