Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another one bites the dust

Okay, this one hits close to home.  And it makes me mad.

Leslie made some great motorcycle luggage.  I have one of his bags already, for my Suzuki, and was looking to buy another, for my Honda.  Unfortunately, I got a sad surprise when I went to his website the other night.

Luggage Locker
My most sincere and heart-felt THANK YOU to everyone who has believed in and used my products all these years. I am more appreciative than you will ever know.

As we are all too painfully aware, the business climate in this country has become increasingly more hostile and punative these past few years. The result of the presidential election on November 6 was the final act-of-completion in the greek tragedy that has now become this once great nation.

It's over. I'm finished.

Perhaps some day we'll all meet up somewhere down the road.

Ride safe.

Leslie Alderman
Luggage Locker

I'm sick of hearing about how our present policies are "helping" the economy.  Bullshit.  They are hurting the economy and killing small businesses.  This will continue to be true with the worthless deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff that just passed, a deal that does NOTHING to address spending, and will therefore not help the economy one bit.