Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Simple Question the Democrats Won't Answer

Here is a simple question that demonstrates that Democrats are not serious about taxing the so-called "rich."  They're simply demagoguing this issue.

From National Review Online:
"A Rude Question" by Michael Walsh

"Then again, if the Democrats are really serious about soaking the rich, why don’t they come out in favor of replacing the income tax — which is basically a mechanism to prevent the upper-middle class from becoming wealthy — with a wealth tax? Holders of great family fortunes can easily live off their inheritances, with no taxable 'income' whatsoever, but imagine if the Kennedys, the Rockefellers, and those who grabbed the swag by marrying the widow of a rich Republican senator, were forced to cough up a sizable percentage of their estates to the feds each year. Then you’d see real tax reform, and in a hurry. "

Great question.  Why DON'T the Democrats tax the rich?  They constantly say that that is their intention.  And yet they simply don't do it.  Hypocrites.