Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tim Lee: RINO

Consider this story, from the Marietta Daily Journal:

"Cobb breaks ground on new 10M paratransit facility" by Geoff Folsom

Recall as you read this that Tim Lee is a "Republican" and Cobb County, Georgia is regarded as "conservative."  Proof once again that Republicans don't give a damn about fiscal responsibility any more than Democrats do.  The real decision is not Republican versus Democrat, because they are the same.  It's about big government (regardless of party) versus limited government.

To the article we go...

"The Federal Transit Administration is paying $8.2 million of the $10 million cost of the building. Cobb County and the state of Georgia are splitting the balance."
Great, let's waste a shitload of money just because "they" are paying for it, not us.  Except "they" is us!

"The facility will offer training on how to use CCT’s services to seniors and the disabled..."
Oh, existing senior centers couldn't do that?  My goodness, how does anyone learn to use public transit.  And how will they get there to learn it in the first place???

Here is the sad part:
"Commission Chairman Tim Lee ... said the county will be able to handle the additional costs.  'We’ll figure out when it gets built how to handle that,' he said. 'It’s being built very green, so the costs and efficiencies are not going to be that of a typical building.'”

Obama couldn't have said it better.  It's okay to waste money as long as the project is "green."  Put it another way: The only green thing that they don't like to save is ... wait for it ... MONEY!!!!

Lee does this a lot.  No idea where the money will come from.  Just like all the SPLOST crap he advocates, as a mechanism for ongoing government funding, another form of a permanent tax.

And even more bad news:
"Tom Thomson, the FTA’s deputy regional administrator, said the facility is in line with an executive order signed in 2004 by then-President George W. Bush that aims to make transit more accessible and improve mobility."
Thanks, once again, for reminding me what a miserable loser George Bush was.

More context:
"Last year, commissioners discontinued three CCT routes, in south and east Cobb, to save money, and paratransit service in those same areas was also cut."
Yeah, better to build a building to tell people how to use transit rather than have actual transit itself.  How does that make sense???

Read the comments after the article, too.  Most are very good, similar to my reaction to this story.  I'm going to pick on one person, though.

"West Cobb Resident" said:
"You know what? This is the last straw for me. I don't know who I'll be voting for for Commission Chairman, but it won't be Tim Lee. I no longer believe he is a good steward of our money. Period."

"no longer believe"????  Really?  How stupid can you be?  You, West Cobb Resident, are the problem.  I didn't vote for Lee because I did my research BEFORE the election.  You don't get credit for figuring this stuff out AFTER the RINO gets elected.  It doesn't do any good at that point.