Monday, April 23, 2012

I think I need Glass!

No, not glasses, not yet anyway! But "Glass."

What, you don't know what Glass is? You need to watch the video, from Google:
"Project Glass: One day..."

You know, I have to remind my girls what "dialing" a phone means. Back when people even used phones, that is. There were no remote controls. People didn't have computers, much less cell phones that do more than any computer I had as a kid ever did. Technology sure moves fast. Anyway, I can't wait to see what the future holds for this project.

With that said, let's get on with the parodies, shall we? :)

Let's ease into the parodies, with a story from ABC News:
"Google Glasses: Will You Want Google Tracking Your Eyes?" by Joanna Stern

And the direct link to the parody in the above article:
"ADmented Reality - Google Glasses Remixed with Google Ads" by rebelliouspixels

"When I saw Google had somehow forgotten to include any ads in their Project Glass promotional video I just couldn't resist fixing that oversight for them."

"So here is my slightly more realistic version of Google's augmented reality glasses - now featuring contextual Google Ads!"

"Fun Fact: All of the AdWords used are actual Google ad returns found via Google searches based on the dialog, situation or setting in the original video. Yes 'Music, Stop!' does actually return an ad asking if you would like to listen to music."

"Google really can't be too annoyed at this remix because after all I'm just putting Google Ads overtop of a Google video on Google's owned video hosting service."

Now for something a bit more crude:
"Goggle - Project Dangerous Glasses" by HappyToaster

I also hear the Microsoft is working on a similar project. Here is their video:
"Windows Project Glass: One day too..." by Vlakkeland

Back to being serious again. You can follow Project Glass on Google Plus here, if you want more updates as this project progresses: