Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Beagles!

All the political stuff I've been posting on this blog has been making me sad. Frustrating to see how people abandon core beliefs to support scum, for no reasons that I can discern. Not to mention that the Packers lost. I mean, did they really think they could win without playing any defense at all, the whole year?

So, here's something that should cheer anyone up. THE BEAGLES! This cracks me up. I should have thought of this.

"The Beagles"

This next part of the post I shouldn't have to do. But since I'm getting old, I fear that I must. Do you know WHY that picture of the Beagles is funny? I mean, it's not just because of the beagles themselves (as cute as they are!).

If you don't know why it's funny, check out some of these images:

Some of the most famous posters have the Beatles shown in this same arrangement. Including this one: