Monday, January 16, 2012

White Christmas?

Okay, so no post illustrates just how far I've fallen behind on my blog than this one. I meant to post this BEFORE Christmas, obviously! Still, did you know that NOAA publishes the probability of having a White Christmas across the United States?

Tangent: Did you know that we even needed the government to do this for us? Well, it turns out that it's right there in the Constitution. I was as surprised as anyone, but apparently Americans have a right to know whether they will have a White Christmas or not. :)

"White Christmas?"

Click the "Probability Map" to see the odds of YOU having a White Christmas.

Even northern cities like Milwaukee and Minneapolis are not locks to have snow on Christmas (and this year I know that Milwaukee didn't). For the record, only once in my life have I not seen Upper Michigan have a White Christmas.