Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Song of the Day: Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter - You and Tequila - CMA Awards 2011

Not sure exactly what's going on here but I find that I'm actually liking country music more as I get older. Maybe I've lived in the south too long. Maybe country music is getting better. I don't know. But when my DVR recorded the CMA Awards, rather than deleting the show, as I would have in the past, I watched it. (I admit it, I had it set to tape "Revenge." Seriously.)

Some country songs are still miserable, difficult to listen to, but I guess you could say that about any genre. One song blew me away. I've heard it before and thought it was really good. Seeing it and hearing it played live was very impressive. Kenny Chesney and Grace Potter really captured the essence of the song. So here is the song that I thought was head and shoulders above all rest of the performances during the CMA Awards.

"Kenny Chesney Grace Potter - You and Tequila - CMA Awards 2011"

For what it's worth, I thought this song was second best. Kimberly Perry is really good.
"The Band Perry - If I Die Young"