Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What do those lights mean, anyway?

I'm sick of governments telling us that they need red light cameras. The simple fact is: POLICE DEPARTMENTS DO NOT CARE! If they want red light cameras, it is for revenue only.

How do I know? I have been hit by someone running a red light, and the police officer tried to cite ME for being hit rather than the Mexican who couldn't speak English (I obtained a tape of his conversation with my insurance company prior to my court case, in which I prevailed). I see people run red lights literally every week, nobody cares. I have seen people run red lights right in front of cops, the cops don't care.

And earlier this week, driving home from work on Monday, I saw a cop flat-out run a solid red light. So you simply cannot tell me that the police care one bit about this issue. I have eyes. I can see for myself that they don't care.

For the record, he was heading northbound on Mableton Parkway. He was in a "Cobb Police" Crown Victoria. And he ran the light at Old Alabama Road, here:,-84.572057&spn=0.005661,0.009645&t=m&z=17&vpsrc=6